Business Limousines Q&A

How far ahead of the pickup time should I place my reservation?

Chauffeur availability can be guaranteed 2hrs in advance. Reservations less than 1 hour before the pickup time can be made but a Chauffeur may not be available. Nonetheless in this instance, Business Limousines will make the best attempt at providing you with a Chauffeur.

How do we find a Chauffeur after our flight’s arrival?

We will meet our clients in the arrival hall.

What happens if the flight is delayed?

All flight arrivals times are checked with the airline. Should the plane arrive early or late, the Chauffeur will be there. Please check the terms and conditions section for more detailed information.

At what point during the service is my credit card charged?

Once a booking is made, the credit card details are held as security. Upon completion of the journey, the credit card will be charged.

Can I smoke in your cars?

Please respect our Chauffeur’s health and do not smoke in our cars.

What methods of payment do you accept?

Business Limousines accepts Visa, Mastercard, American Express, Diners Club and JCB. Additional cash and Cabcharge payments can be made directly to the Chauffeur. Cheques will only be accepted for invoice payments.

Is it possible to make the journey payment in cash instead of using the credit card number that was provided with the reservation?

This is definitely possible. Cash payments will be accepted by our Chauffeurs.

For reservations based on a fixed time, if for example I hire a car for 8 hours, but realise that after pick – up I require less time, for how many hours will I be charged?

Business Limousines will only bill you for the time used, the minimum charge is 2 hours.